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Thursday, March 14, 2002 :::
hey texans, i had this dream last night that i was in your home state. having never actually been there, i can only chalk it up to y'all. i was in some restaurant, so i ordered a bottomless mug of the doctor and then mysteriously saw an old friend of mine from ca. hmmm.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002 :::
last night, i watched them light up the night sky, and had a lovely inverse company meeting. upon my home-return, i received nyu's deepest regrets that they couldn't offer me admission for the upcoming academic year. i accept the line about "this is not a reflection of your talents," and now, i move on.

this, as you may well imagine, causes me no end of disappointment, which, in turn, is manifesting as mild depression. so when you see me next, try to make me smile. i'll need it.

if you won't be seeing me soon (family), just send me love... i could use that, too.

all of you gave me such support during my application process, and i thank all of you who were so sure i'd be accepted, and those of you who wrote recommendations deserve an extra thank you for the incredible kindnesses therein expressed. although i had a lot of personal stake riding on this, i can certainly put it in perspective, so do not worry for me, friends. now that i am no longer in limbo, waiting to see the course my life might take for the next year, i can once again focus on tasks at hand, and strengthen my resolve.

and, besides, it was so damn expensive, i probably couldn't have gone anyway, right?



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nyu ny
you sack of idiot clowns!!!
i mean, whatever.

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