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Wednesday, May 01, 2002 :::
too long, i guess. julia cameron would be disappointed.

i wish i had realized when i made the commitment to write more that i was about to get incredibly busy, and by all rights, should be writing less. damn. that's what i get for being shortsighted.

anyway. i am starting to feel like a terrible fanboy. part of me, a big part, is regretting that i misremembered the fact that free comic book day is happening this weekend, (coinciding perfectly with the big opening) and i said "yes" when the roommate/life partner said "let's go away for the weekend."

plus, we're going to montauk, where they don't care about comic books, and that makes me sad. there is no comic book store within 30 miles of the place, so i, and my erstwhile friend, will be s.o.l. on FCBD. who knows if they'll even have a movie theatre with decent sound to catch the film.

WHY, O COMIC BOOK GODS, WHY have you turned me into the comic-book guy from the simpsons. crap.

the thing is, i like going out of town. i don't get to do it too often, and when i do, i love it. we'll be going with another couple, spending the weekend in some sleepy motel (sleepy. mmmm.), hanging out at the beach, eating lobster, and watching pay-per-view. what could be better? [answer: a fucking COMIC BOOK STORE!!]

on a not-related-in-any-way-other-than-it-happens-to-be-in-my -chain-of-thought note, rehearsals for the new play are going exceedingly well. the play is good, and i'm starting to understand how much more exciting shakespeare's history plays would have been for his contemporary audiences. what i find to be most amazing is the incredibility of the story. if it hadn't actually happened, you'd say "no way, that's just too much." but it did happen and it's just that fucking crazy.

(i'm playing, by the way, major john andre, the british spy to whom benedict arnold gave up fort west point. andre was involved in a more than passing way with, i shit you not, arnold's wife, who was a loyalist. to top it off, andre had been captured at the very beginning of the war by a platoon commanded by benedict fucking arnold. the list of crazy shit goes on, my friends.)

so mark your calendars: june 14-16 we'll be at the newly renovated amphitheatre in east river park. the three weekends following find us at the dairy in central park, and august takes us to an as yet undisclosed location for the ny fringe fest. The park dates will be fridays at 7, saturdays at 5, and sundays at 3. We'll have a special rockets red glare performance at 4pm on independence day at those pretty gardens on ninth between b and c.

so, that's all for today loyal readers. morals: every town needs a comic book store, AND if it weren't for the american revolution, we couldn't do the play this summer.

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