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Monday, July 08, 2002 :::
how come the minute i finish a big project, instead of gaining time, i become even more busy?

all of a sudden, i'm busy as a goddamn bee. sure it's fun stuff (except for laundry tomorrow, blecch!), but what i want to do is sit down and read some comic books. is that so wrong?

i am excited about tonight's outing tho'... road to perdition with mike. it pays to have a friend who reviews movies for a living. but now i have to miss reign of fire on wednesday because of some stupid prior commitment. crap. plus, with work all day 5 days a week, it severly limits the energy factor required to go out and have fun, y'know?

remember when summer meant you had all day, every day to do anything you fucking pleased? read books all day, or go to the mall, where you'd go to the movies, or to the bookstore, or the games store, or all three... and then have an orange julius? howabout staying up till 4, writing in your journal about the soap opera of community theatre, and then waking at noon? late nights at norm's (think denny's but seedier) with friends, eating chili fries and house salads with ranch dressing, drinking coffee, and causing deliberate scenes to see if anyone notices. or just getting in the car and driving. who cares where? i want summer to mean those things again.

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