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Monday, July 15, 2002 :::
i wasn't kidding when i said i was extra busy last week, as in every night of the week, and so it was nice to just sit down at home this weekend, and not have to do anything. so i finally got some of that coveted resting time, and boy was it nice.

[**extreme run-on sentence alert**]

you know what else is nice? getting up early on a saturday morning. the rm/l-p and i rose near 9am, and spent a liesurly morning together before she jetted off to dance class, and i jetted off to the park to go around in circles on rollerblades. i haven't been on blades in over a year, and there's this one hill in prospect park that really scares me, so i made sure to take it real slow. and i got through down hill nice and easy. so i was skating along, carefree, powerful even, what with conquering my fear and all, and smiling, and singing beautiful day with u2, and looking at the beautiful scenery prospect park has to offer, and falling down right on my ass. yes, gentle readers, my cockiness got the best of me and fell. and when i fall, i fall. spectacularly. arms and legs flailing mercilessly, people stopping to look, and laughing, the ground coming right up to meet me, then me, lying there, slightly dazed, arms akimbo, hoping i didn't just crush my relatively new handspring treo (which i got in a great update deal that has since disappeared, and man would it be much more expensive to replace...)

but, we all get back in the saddle, and i did, and just got back on my wheels, and skated to glory, on the other side of the park, rounding the loop 1.5 times. and i was sad to see how incredibly out of shape i was. because climbing some of the grades was hard. i often feel like a cartoon character in my life, and never was the feeling more prevalent than the wile e. coyoteness of it all. the only things missing were a sign emblazoned "YIPE!" and a big ACME symbol on the skates.

skates off, shoes on, a walk around incredibly lovely park slope, to the comic book store, where i found, wonder of wonders, two back issues i had been desperate for, and couldn't find at my favorite retailer. yay. a bus trip back home, and then, upon the rm/l-p's arrival, a confab re: dinner, and a trip to the store. home again home again to assemble the brand new thermos brand table-top grill, and char-broil some hamburgers. mmm. with b aked beans, and some kind of salad the rm/l-p whipped up that tasted like it had been touched by god. and a night of relaxation. ahhh.

sunday i spent rotting my brain with funnybooks. more on that here. topped by a pizza of glory from not ray's up the street.

then, today, back to work. sigh.

::: posted by matty at 4:23 PM

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