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Wednesday, July 31, 2002 :::
i had been waiting to post this week until i had the new york observer so as to prominently display my witty and exciting retorts to questions about women's unkempt feet in new york.

unfortunately, the online edition has no listing of any kind of foot-related man on the street article, and i fear that will hold true for the print version as well. in fact, i now trust that i was indeed duped. duped by a foot fetishist, just getting his rocks off. man. trust a total stranger, and look what you get. nothing. sheesh.

in other news:

  • how about those miners? tell me this made for hollywood story will not star nicholas cage as blaine mayhew and holly hunter as his wife, forced to deal with the harrowing thought of losing her husband and her father to the bowels of the earth?

  • i was going to make a joke about whale-watching in cape cod, but i just read this article and again wept. whales are such magnificent citizens of the animal kingdom, to think of them being stranded is bad enough, but to know they were getting sunburned, and were so heavy as to crush their own insides is unbearable. i cannot imagine being the man to put them down.

  • what an idiot. i have nothing to say about this. it speaks for itself.

thanks to mike, i saw an advance screening of signs, the new m. night shyamalan picture. very spooky. very good. patented shymalan tricks in this one, though less "twisty," but to say any more will ruin it. highly reccommended.

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