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Tuesday, September 03, 2002 :::

back at long last to the land of blog.

it's good to be back. but sad to be off vacation. as the rmlp pointed out, we ate quite a lot of wisconsin treats on our sojourn, and not a lot else. so now i'm on some kind of torture diet. i mean, it's not really torture, i guess, but no ice cream and no bagels is bad enough, (no wheat and dairy at all, really) without adding the insult of no peanut butter. yeesh.

the vacation itself was absolutely lovely, by the way. i wish i had the energy to wax more rhapsodic, right now, but i came back to absolute chaos in my office with a huge deadline looming overhead. the deadline will be met, which is why i can even take the time out to do this now, fow which i am happy.

also happy to start a new project at the metropolitan. more on that as it becomes available.

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