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Friday, October 11, 2002 :::
from comics' bad boy, mark millar:

"Hi-ho, hi-ho! It's off to war we go!

"Yes, it's just fifty five minutes until Christopher Reeve's 50th birthday as Tony Blair shows the House of Commons 101 damnations against Iraq. Why are we even HAVING this debate? Gulf War 2 is the most exciting thing to happen in years and finally puts George W on the map when it comes to world super-powers taking on third world countries. I see the recently-bearded Al Gore has weighed in and made a monkey of himself by asking for a peaceful solution based on the fact that there's absolutely no clear link between Iraq and the still-dubious attacks upon the World Trade Centre. Thank Christ he isn't President right now or else we could be looking at sustained growth and world peace as opposed to the international turmoil and campaign of terror which is sure to follow this glorious bombardment of innocent men and women who've never even HEARD of Osama Bin Laden. All power to you, America!!

"Saddam has his eye on a nuclear arsenal? So what? I'm more worried about a USA with nukes given the fact that they've spilled more blood since 1945 than anyone in the middle east could ever dream of. Kosovo, Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam, to name a few, but let's not forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It's worth pointing out that the USA is the only country ever to have deployed nuclear missiles against other human beings and why oh why are they allowed to house them near my new home? Shouldn't Saddam be sending weapons inspectors to see make sure the US don't get up to any MORE mischief based on this appalling criminal record?"

ah, nothing like the scathing endictment of a scotsman, ladies and gentlemen.

::: posted by matty at 1:49 PM

so i went to my brother's wedding last weekend, and contrary to the prevailing wisdonmm that the many parents in attendance would make things a living hell, it went off quite nicely. the new wife is a journalist for the seattle post-intelligencer, which, i shit you not, has a giant blue globe atop its facade, a la the daily planet. this is the kind of thing that makes me love seattle. the sort of city of tomorrow aspect... monorail, space needle, and c. then there's the scenery, which is just gorgeous. due to the crazy cloud/fog patterns, mount rainier looks as if it's floating somewhere above the horizon. the sunsets along the sound are breathtaking, and the pine trees keep the air fresher than i've ever tasted. it was a nice a weekend all in all, davey and i always have good times, and the best man was a friend from high school, whom i hadn't seen since, well, high school.

the ceremony was a bad joke in the making: a priest and a rabbi walk into the chinese room of the smith tower to perform a wedding. my brother, a jew, and tiffany, a catholic, wanted to celebrate and link their traditions. the event was very small -- family only -- and a great deal of emphasis was placed on teaching the traditions to one another. (here's where things could've gotten real ugly: mom and sis, on our side, have a reeeeeaaaallll problem with tiff's tradition, but they kept their yap's shut, and all went well.) tiff's got a real big irish catholic family, complete with extremely charming twin brothers. while our family is so intensely broken and dysfunctional that i've been meaning to draw up a chart. look for that next week.

anyway. it was lovely. nice to get away, and nice to fly jet blue.

::: posted by matty at 12:11 PM

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