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Thursday, October 31, 2002 :::
ok. i read dooce and unsecret chamber of secrets regularly. there's a whole lot of dog talk with these girls, and well, a thory started to brew in my evil little brains. i wanted to do a taste test. (a look test actually, but the metaphor's lost, so, i'm goin' with taste test.) just look at these pooches:

i defy you to tell me which dog belongs to whom. the rm/l-p and i have theorized that in fact, neither one of these fun-lovin' girls actually owns a dog. or at least not the dog they claim to own. they have both, visited some website or other and appropriated clip-art images of the same dog. what would possess someone to do this--when clearly pictures of their own dog, or posts about not having a dog but wanting one badly would be the ethically correct thing to do--is beyond me. this would also explain the appropriation of our very own cat's name for the texan "dog" in question. i mean, if you couldn't come up with an actual dog of your own, couldn't you at least have come up with an original name? what is this, some sort of sick who's afraid of virginia woolf type animal fantasy? yeesh.

and if these "dogs" do indeed seperately exist... how did they get so damn cute?

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buy bush a playstation2.

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Monday, October 28, 2002 :::
it's that time again, kids:

matty's in another greek play at the metropolitan. this time, instead of playing everybody else, he's playing the title role. (don't you love it when people talk about themselves in the third person, all super-villain like?)

this play has thrills, chills, angry gods, and women who want to get naked. plus, (--don't let the jpg fool you--) i shaved my head. how's that for incentive?

adapted and directed by Alex Roe
from Euripides
with Julia Cook, Matt Daniels, Jim DiBiasio, Maurice Edwards, Patrick McNulty, Annette Previti, Tricia Smith, Deborah Wallace

Thu, Fri, Sat @ 8
Sun @ 4

Metropolitan Playhouse
220A E. 4th (Between A & B)
take the F to 2nd Ave.

there are many ways to reserve tickets! haHA!
(212) 995-5302

be there, or feel the wrath of the gods. seriously. big time wrath.

matty as bacchus as spider-man

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