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Wednesday, January 08, 2003 :::
well, well, well.

happy new year, boys and girls.

as predicted (well, hoped), i'm able to return to my blogging duties, a phenomenon i can chalk up to one thing, and one thing only:

my work ethic has gone to hell. day after day staring at a computer monitor has really shot me, as far as task completion goes. as the rm/l-p will tell you, multi-tasking has never been my forte, and now that i have so many options (windows upon windows of explorer, word, quark, filemaker, excel, outlook, and c. and c. and c.) compounded with DSL, i find i can't complete a task in one sitting. it's nigh impossible. at this very moment, as i write this, i find myself thinking about the glory that awaits me at, and the work stuff, printed and otherwise, that desperately needs updating, and my own personal teaching resume which i need to get together for an interview this very afternoon, and more and more and more. not to mention the bachelorette is on tonight, and i just cannot wait.

those of you who've been reading pinky will note that she has decided to do something unprecedented. i have been barred from the game of guessing, because i know what it is. no one as of this writing has correctly guessed. i am not however averse to bribes. make an offer.

my birthday is monday. i want to do something, but i'm still sick (how many cases of adult ear infections have you heard of? jesus.), and somewhat exhausted. plus we have plans (belated x-mas), which involve baz luhrmann on broadway this weekend. look for something the following weekend (jan 17-19?). (lots of parentheticals in that paragraph)

xmas gifts. i got money which (pooled with pinky's) went toward a new dvd player, vcr, and tv. the old tv/vcr combo went kaput, with amazing xmas timing. the dvd was inevitable, but we had hoped that dad would kick in. didn't happen. jelly of the month club from dad. gotta love the bush economy. anyway, also got the baz luhrmann red curtain triology special box set dvd collection to innaugurate the new player. haven't had time to watch anything but a few interviews on the r+j disc. got some fun books, and a metal "DANGER MINES" sign (don't ask). plus a family heirloom plate, and some hand-knitted felted clogs (again with the don't ask.)

what did you get?

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