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Thursday, February 06, 2003 :::
american idol.

i did not call it. i thought i had it pegged, based on a combination of what the american public did last year, and what they saw tuesday night. that was my mistake. charles and the one who's not as good as kimberly move on to the next round. i was certain it would be kimberly and the one with one name just like cher, but not as catchy.

see i forgot all about last week when we saw a throwdown between kimberly and the one who eventually won (i cannot, for the life of me remember her damn name -- even though i keep checking the site), when kimberly kept her waiting all night for a rehearsal of their quartet. then they had words and the one girl's sister fought her battle for her. obviously fox was on the one girl's side, because, well, we didn't get to hear kimberly's, and even though by the end of the episode they said they had worked it out, bith girls clearly hated one another. then on tuesday, kimberly was fated to sing first, and the other girl last. so, i believe that a combination of viewers missing her performance, and remembering what they saw as cattiness worked against our little kim. and the smirker moves on with a passable rendition of son of a preacher man. though, i do predict that kim will be back with the wildcard.

the bachelorette

this one, however, i have called correctly from the beginning. although i waffled on russ earlier than she did. in the end, though, i think she'll go with charlie. unless he finds out what she and ryan have been doing behind closed doors.

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