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Thursday, February 13, 2003 :::
last night i saw daredevil more on the comics blog, soon. i saw it for free with my friend mike, who writes reviews for some webzine or other. anyhoo, short story: GREAT! probably a pretty good date movie -- although it is more violent than spider-man, to give a gauge.

more violent than daredevil is gangs of new york which we hopped into after DD. (2 movies for free! haHA!) worthy of a big screen viewing, and anyone who lives in the city (who isn't totally offended/grossed out by excessive movie violence should see it, because it's a cool look at our great city's history. and daniel day-lewis is a marvel. he's bloody brilliant. so much fun to watch. leo is not horrible, neither is cameron. jim broadbent is a genius, and john c. reilly is the hardest working man in hollywood.

after that movie, i suppose i was in a particularly anti-war mood -- the picture is VERY anti-war, and i came home, to the loving rm/l-p, with thoughts of going to the rally this weekend. thoughts. after a grueling 2 hour discussion-debate-etc., during which i was admittedly hopped up on hollywod, seriously, and all of a sudden it was 2:30 and we normaly go to bed at a very nerdy hour of like 11:30 or 12, and, i didn't have any more, and now i'm just tired, but on reflection i think i enjoyed the movie more, because it also made me think, and anyway it's worth it for daniel day lewis, even if i didn't pay for it.

but what is up with people who refuse to turn off their cell phones during movies. i have never heard so many repeatedly ringing phones in my life as i heard at gangs of new york. mike and i were too far away from the offenders to do anything, and when we came out of the movie we were taling anbout it, and he said how do you enforce the rule, and i said, concerned citizens have to stand up for themselves. as i later told pinky, had i been in that fuckers vicinity, i would have certainly said, shut up before i shut you up. or as she said to a woman talking during the entre'act of bring in da noise back in the day, "don't make me fuck you up."

go pinky.

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