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Friday, February 21, 2003 :::
ok. ryan, not charlie. this one, i got wrong. what can you do?

::: posted by matty at 11:02 AM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003 :::
i would just like it to be known that i called the joe millionaire "twist." when pinky and i watched the debacle last week, and the annoying butler guy said there was truth to the rumor that there was a twist, i said, and pinky will back me up, that the twist was, after joe told the girl he was poor, fox would give him a check for 1 million dollars. and, i was right. so there.

s-crtv. watch enough, and you can start writing the crap. except, it's unscripted. wait! i... uhhhh.

::: posted by matty at 1:20 PM

Monday, February 17, 2003 :::
so on saturday, we went to the rally that wasn't supposed to be a march but turned out to be a march, because, as we were reminded as we collectively took to the streets and threw traffic laws to the wind, "you can't stop the people when the people want to march." we also learned they were "our streets" when asked "whose streets?" we were instructed: "show me what democracy looks like," and we found out, "this is what democracy looks like!" we found out what we want and when ("peace" and "now"), i even asked those questions quite a few times, and got the resounding replies -- that feels good, by the way. many people thought to inform us of things by way of placards:

  • "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot."
  • "Go Solar, not Ballistic!"
  • "Draft the Bush twins!"
  • "Weapons of Mass Distraction"
  • the obligatory "No Blood for Oil!"

and then there were the GLAMericans, dressed in the David Bowie Iggy Pop finery, carrying signs that said:

  • "Makeup not War"
  • "Peace is pretty"
  • "Peace: the new black"

there were giant birds of peace, cars swallowed by a river of humanity, cops joining in as well as they could without being insubordinate (one urged us on: "7-0 if you want to go!"), and more shapes, sizes, ages, and nationalities than you could shake your proverbial stick at.

anyway, our de-march route went up lex from 42 to 53, east on 53 to 3rd ave, up third to 61, east to 2nd, up 2nd to 69, east on 69 to first, down first to 64, beyond which point were people people people. we couldn't have gotten any further south if the police had let us. we only used the sidewalk on lexington from 42 - 48. at that point, as one, we took the streets and never let them go.

we drank tea, saw friends, enjoyed each other's company, and rallied for peace. not a bad way to spend a saturday, if you ask me.

::: posted by matty at 2:57 PM

so the snow here is incredible.

i left the house slightly late this morning, and found over a foot of snow at my front gate, after trudging down to the subway, found, due to "inclement weather," that the Q express was not running. waited for 15 minutes, for a W (which should have been express but due to the "holiday weekend"* was running local.) on the W, and all is well, if a little snow. chug chug chug. however many minutes later we pull into canal street, on the N track, and i look out the window, where it is snowing. underground. snowing. from the "sky." and there are 5-6 inch snowdrifts on the ground that exiting passengers are forced to trudge through to get to the station exit.

they want a fare increase for that?

* my boss doesn't believe in holidays. if she did, i never would have seen it snow underground.

::: posted by matty at 2:31 PM

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