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Wednesday, March 12, 2003 :::
i've generally been feeling incredibly overwhelmed in my life -- so when my friend alex called me to put me in his newest production over at the metropolitan playhouse of new york, my first instinct was to say no, but then i realized that hey, i enjoy being in plays... no matter how overwhelmed i may feel. as alex explained, just because i've had a week and a half from hell doesn't mean that tomorrow, or later, i won't want to be in a play. so, i decided to do it. he's my friend. when i move to chicago i won't have friends asking me to be in their plays. not straight away anyhow. so i might as well do it while i can, right?


why so overwhelmed? well i got slammed by some kind of bug last week, which made me miss all kinds of work, which i have to make up, plus, then i had to go to a funeral out of town, and so there's that work to make up (ah, the joys of an obsessive, taskmaster boss), and well, i'm still trying to catch up from a missed afternoon a couple weeks ago. missed, then promptly made up, which meant a couple of appointments got missed instead. all of it is slightly daunting, especially because i started yet a nother thing that had to get put on hold when i got sick, and when am i going to put that time in? plus i have like 3 weeks of comics to read (this sickness drove me so up the wall, that i couldn't even read... just sleep and kind of watch tv.)

i did watch a lot of i'm a celebrity get me out of here. this show was oddly compelling. cris judd was named king of the jungle. weird.

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