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Thursday, April 03, 2003 :::
The Golden Age Project

"During the darkest days of the twentieth century, the art form we all love had its Golden Age. Millions of copies of individual titles sold and thousands of GI's got a taste of home and an escape from WWII by flipping open a comic book. Our heroes, both the four color ones and our troops, were respected and enjoyed the support of our nation.

In the spirit of 'The Golden Age', comic book publishers and comic book enthusiast are banding together to give today's troops the respect they've earned and the support they deserve."

Some of the posters at cbr have put together this project and have already secured donations from Marvel, Crossgen and a number of Indy publishers. Now we need the money to ship the books to the USO for distribution. Donations are being accepted via paypal here.

whether you're for or against the war, i think we all agree our kids could use all the support they can get. here's something you can do for them.

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