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Tuesday, May 13, 2003 :::
man... here we are, well into may already. what happened?


i mean, as pinky pointed out in conversation over the weekend, we only have a few free weekends before the big move. nearly everything is spoken for.

i'm busier at work than i've ever been, mainly because there's a huge restructuring in the offing, due in part to my imminent departure, and in part to some inter-office politics. so i've been saddled with 2x as much to do... plus any NYTimes readers out there will know that my place of employ has just exploded onto the scene in a major way, so the workload itself has increased. all this is to say i don't have nearly so much time to blog as i'd like...

partly, too, i need to lament the fact that even though the play ended two weeks ago, i haven't experienced the free time i was looking forward to. it's all been catch up, which also means that the stuff i need to do isn't getting done, because i'm still busy doing stuff i should've done already.

so why blog?

well, i need a fucking break, for one, and this is a nice meditative way to break at the workplace. plus, it's a good way to vent because while pinky is always there, the last thing she wants to hear is how i have no time. a) she already knows it. b) she is always willing to point out that my business is of my own making. c) she's busier than me, so what the?

for two (we don't say that, but if we say "for one" oughtn't we to say "for two"?), i like keeping you kids in the loop. it's bad enough, i suppose, that i feel out of my own loop, but sometimes writing it down makes me feel better.

it's also a pretty good way to procrastinate.

i mean, i have a website to build before the month is out. i've got a pretty good idea of where it's going, but i've not written a single line of code. i have a ton of stuff i need to ebay... to both clear space and make cash. i have movies to see (i must be the only comics fan in the country who hasn't seen X2 yet). i need to plan a move halfway accross the country to a place i don't really know, populated by nobody i know, where i have no contacts, and then i have to to take it by storm. there's just stuff and stuff and stuff. and i need to rest. my body made that clear this weekend when it decided for me i needed to rest, and if the only way i would do that is to be sick, then POOF: a sinus infection. plus there's a ton of little projects i'm working on... anyway, as it turns out, there's all kinds of stuff that's being laid by the wayside that i should be doing but i'm not. and the more i don't do, the more i get intimidated by the stuff that's not done.


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