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Thursday, May 29, 2003 :::
ok... i just had an honest to goodness good-things-come-to-those-who-wait experience.

my last show here at play with your food is june 18. there will be a month of work beyond that, training my replacement, but the last show is on the 18th, and that show has been scheduled to be the dumbwaiter by harold pinter. well, i like that play, and i know i'd be good in it, and i know that austin pendleton is directing it, and i thought, jesus i would like that to be my going away present from make a mess with your food. so i thought i might ask, but decided against it, because in my entire career thinking about food, i have never once asked if i could read a play. it has always been (periodically) offered, which is as it should be... asking for favors from your boss is ugly, because then, she wants them back. being granted them out of nowhere leaves me with a lot more breathing room. plus, it's bad form, i think.

anyway, today, she says, "i had an idea, since your last show with us is june 18, do you want to do the dumbwaiter?" i smiled and said yes, thanks. then i said thanks again, this time to the universe, for listening.

anyway, for those of you who're interested, the dumbwaiter plays june 18 at the historic national arts club in gramercy park. lunch is 12:45 - 1:30, the reading is at 1:30, followed by a q&a, which is a special treat with Austin Pendleton, who is always amazing a-ing the q's. tickets are $40 inclusive. a pair of comps goes to the first respondant.

be well, and remember, if you ask the universe for something, you just might get it.

::: posted by matty at 10:13 AM

Monday, May 26, 2003 :::
people keep saying the weather is so bad in chicago. well, to them i say, hey look at this page, then press back on your browser and look atthis page, and tell me again how the weather is worse.

::: posted by matty at 10:10 AM

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