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Tuesday, July 15, 2003 :::
from theny times.:

"I think the American people continue to express their support for ridding the world of Saddam Hussein based on just cause, knowing that Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons that were unaccounted for that we're still confident we'll find," Mr. Fleischer said. "I think the burden is on those people who think he didn't have weapons of mass destruction to tell the world where they are."

WHAT? is he fucking serious?

::: posted by matty at 1:47 PM

Monday, July 14, 2003 :::
ok. i decided to launch a new blog. for a few reasons. the other day something happened where i thought "i should write about this in my journal." then i thought, "i should start a new blog, where i have a support system in place, many of whom are dealing with the same things." so i did.

so here it is, ghost light, which will basically chronicle my journey as an actor in a brand new town. some stuff starts now, as i did a mailing and stuff, and it will continue through my departure, and beyond. anyway, when you click through, there will be a couple of posts already. make sure either to scroll down and read the bottommost post first, or click the link under "about this blog" titled "that rarest of chances" which is a link to the first post.

anyway, you may find me over there more often than here, but hard to say, really.

::: posted by matty at 5:08 PM

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