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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 :::

so i've been trying to sort out all the candidates for president, and everything, and was pretty sure about the doctor, but now comes this new guy, who i'm sort of ashamed to know not so much about, so i went to his website and saw some polling numbers, and started to wonder about the general. and i like his 100 year vision. and i like that he's a leader. and i like those numbers. and i think if he gets the nomination, he will be the next president of the united states. so will someone please tell me why i should not support clark?

(i mean this in all seriousness. dean was my choice, his support has been staggering, and all, but the numbers at the end of the day just don't add up. and i know the election is a ways away and all, but i really think wwe need to start now, and so, well, what do we think, everybody?)

::: posted by matty at 11:12 AM

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